September 17, 2018

From the bright lights of London to country NZ

A story on Lloyd Rooney's life could be a best seller in my book ... but let's just start with the appetiser - new cookbook The Quay to the Cove.

Rooney is owner of three restaurants in Northland: The Quay in Whangarei, The Cove in Waipu, and The Dune in Mangawhai. And together with author Lindy Davis he has produced a book that features tantalising recipes championing local produce from both his Waikato farm Highgate Hill and other premium Northland producers.

Between the recipes devised with two of the restaurants' talented chefs, it weaves the fascinating story, written by Davis, of how this British-born lawyer turned restauranteur gave up the highlife in London for the country life in New Zealand.

To read the full article at the NZ Herald click here

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